Monthly Archives: November 2009

narcissistic blog planning and other evils

I have a confession to make. I plan blog posts in my head. Is that so bad? Maybe. It’s just that I catch myself starting to write these great posts in my head and feel guilty because it’s not spur of the moment authentic. But then, of course, planned writing isn’t bad. It’s good1. And […]

small technical behind the scenes of Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes posted about a job listing on their blog a couple weeks back and linked to a listing. It has since disappeared (somebody got the job?), but I managed to snag it from Google’s cache. Here it lies. And here is an excerpt that I rather thought cuts to the technical juice. At […]

New Beginning

Here we are again. If you are reading this, it’s either not so long after the start of, or you’re rather curious and got to wondering what the deuce the first post might say. Congratulations for either. What is it? It’s a continuation of, which is now in archive of sorts and was […]