New Beginning

Here we are again. If you are reading this, it’s either not so long after the start of, or you’re rather curious and got to wondering what the deuce the first post might say. Congratulations for either.

What is it? It’s a continuation of, which is now in archive of sorts and was also known as a broken mold.

What are we all about, then? Go read the About page. Then go read some of the old abm. That should give you an idea.

Our posting rate for a broken mold has been somewhat slow of late, so if no new posts pop up for a while, you were warned.

Postscript. I apologize if I’ve seemed extra unsocial lately – this has been my pet project and has taken up approximately way too much of my time.

Hope you liked it. If so, maybe share it, comment, or link. Many thanks.

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