small technical behind the scenes of Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes posted about a job listing on their blog a couple weeks back and linked to a listing. It has since disappeared (somebody got the job?), but I managed to snag it from Google’s cache. Here it lies. And here is an excerpt that I rather thought cuts to the technical juice.

At this moment we use the following technologies:
* Python w/Django
* C/C++/C#/Objective C/
* CentOS 5
* MySQL 4 and 5
* VMWare
Our ideal candidate has the following experiences:
* Highly experienced in Object Oriented design and related software development
practices, preferably in an Agile environment
* Experience using Python or other web scripting language to deliver enterprise web
* Experience with TDD, Pair Programming, and other eXtreme Programming practices
* Experienced with Linux and VMWare
* Communicates well with both technical and non-technical team members
* Bachelors degree in Computer Science, or equivalent (5+ yrs.) work experience.

While it might not be that interesting of post materiel to start the new blog off with, it does provide a small technical window into the mysterious and hush-hush world of the Covenant Eyes behind the scenes. I think it should be preserved for those interested.

Also, an irony lies in using Linux but not producing a Linux product for the end user. Depending on how things go, you may hear more on the subject at a broken mold in the future. I’m hopeful.


As a small note, regarding the blog, everything seems to be working on the outside. We have some permissions issues on the inside; hopefully we can get the more irritating one(s) solved soon. And… the database is working fine. The filesystem is where it gets sticky.

Hope you liked it. If so, maybe share it, comment, or link. Many thanks.

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