Monthly Archives: February 2010

Running DOS Games

Running DOS games is hardcore. Not, admittedly, as hardcore as text-based games, but up there. Unfortunately, in the last several iterations of the Windows operating system, DOS support has been provided only by emulation, and not at all on 64-bit systems.1 Your hardware configuration also determines how choppy/way-too-fast your game will render. How then, shall […]

Looking for more writers

We are looking for a few more writers to join us. One or two right now would be great. Our goal is to pick up the publication pace a bit—hopefully eventually up to at least one post a week (more would be cool, too). I think taking on a couple more writers would ease this […]

Frequent short to medium posts

Yeah, I know frequent short to medium sized posts about your life have a great potential to be boring. But I wasn’t quite considering that. Rather, I’m becoming rather enamored of short to medium sized posts that just throw a thought, question, or reflection out. It’s a form that rather compliments honesty. I want to […]