The other side of the continent.

Before I begin, a disclaimer: any view I write can not be blamed on me even though it is completely my responsibility. I disclaimed it, so it’s true. Deal with it. Anyways, moving on, I, the sarcastic narcissist, the hating red-head, the Irish Romanian, have decided to rant about hockey, Canadian hockey.

“Canada’s top Olympic official sees no reason to worry about the women’s hockey team’s beer-swigging, cigar-smoking celebration of its gold-medal victory over the U.S. team.” says VANCOUVER, British Columbia. (AP)

First off, I just want to say how I appreciate the fact that they don’t worry over hockey-women, who are masculine already, and the fact that they swig beer and smoke cigars. So… why did this make news? Why does any of the Olympics make news anyways? Sure, it’s entertaining to see girls smash each others’ teeth out with a stick, but why report it on televised news when everyone had already it on televised programs. “Just in case you didn’t see it the first time, let’s show it again with back story.” I hate mainstream media almost as much as I hate Canadian hockey chicks! Why would girls do that? Don’t they know they look like men when they wear those big suits?

And another thing, why are all the headlines in Bulgaria about women’s hockey? You’d think they could talk about their pollution, their communism, their stupidity, anything! But nooo! They have to focus on meaningless news and pretend it’s okay. At least this post has a purpose. It’s to rant. Mission accomplished.

So, yes, that was a while ago. Let’s move on to “current events.” Like the health care thing. It passed, right, or it’s about to? Same thing applies. It will not—but should I say it? I guess I already have—MATTER! So we’re more Socialist than we were yesterday. Big deal. Why make news out of it? We know we’re becoming the new Nazi party; stop telling us the step by step updates. It has no purpose. If I were to write news, and I don’t, I would only tell news when there was news to tell. That is probably why I would be out of a job in minutes.

So, that was my rant for the evening. I’ll expect that I offended at least one poor Bulgarian. Just remember; I disclaimed, therefore I’m safe… right?

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