Monthly Archives: May 2010

to our military

I think I’ve refrained from saying anything because I didn’t have anything clever to say. That was wrong; I’m sorry. So simply thank you. Thank you for being brave, thank you for sacrificing, thank you for keeping on keeping on keepin’ on. You’re doing good work. We owe you a lot. I’m ashamed to say […]

my audience

So, if I write a bazillion good posts but nobody ever sees them, I’ve certainly wasted something, right? Maybe it did have it’s purposes, but I’ve realized that I really need to think about audience1. Who is my audience right now? My friends and family. How will that audience change? Word of mouth. Why will […]

abortion right now

Leeann has this in her sidebar and it made me feel a little sick. That’s a helpless person murdered nearly all the time. Those who can support abortion knowing that suppress the truth they know at some level or another. It’s sick, okay? Sick.

It’s Day against DRM

So, technically, I wrote this post last night and right now I’m whizzing along the highway at 55 MPH, but that doesn’t really matter in the scope of the thing. I don’t have much to say here, but what little there is, I present. DRM is not intrinsically evil but historically it has been harmful […]