Platinum SEO review

This is rather overdue.

Since I care somewhat about SEO (not an SEOhead, though… I mean, how many SEO blogs can there be?), I looked for a WordPress plugin to handle that sort of stuff for a broken mold. All in One SEO Pack is pretty much the package for WordPress, I guess, but I couldn’t even get it to run. I have no idea why.

I tried another SEO plugin, too, as I remember. HeadSpace, I think. I also tried Platinum SEO Pack and that’s what I ended up using. The author asks that you either review, link, or donate. I was happy to oblige since the plugin worked fine but being lazy I haven’t done it yet. Until now.

This isn’t really like reviewing a piece of art or anything, so I have simply this to say: it works and it works well. I suppose I’m not an expert and it’s probably missing some, but I’ll go ahead and say ‘name a SEO feature and it’s got it’. All sorts of meta stuff. A big long list of check boxes for you to decide on.

One thing I’d like to highlight, even though I don’t use it, is custom meta elements for individual posts. Check it out.

I guess some people would find this handy.

Hope you liked it. If so, maybe share it, comment, or link. Many thanks.

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