Monthly Archives: August 2010

No Power Since 2002… B.C.

Good morning, my friends! And if you are not my friend, don’t tell me, I like a false sense of security. Today, we head to the middle east, but not about the war. This is serious! In Afghanistan, after years of rebuilding, many still do not have electricity! We know this, because the news tells […]

What are they Building, an Ice-cream Tower?

Good morning America! Time to wake up and smell the Turkish coffee. I know this is a late report over old news, but… ahem, “Republican candidates around the country seized on President Barack Obama’s support for the right of Muslims to build a mosque near ground zero, assailing him as an elitist who is insensitive […]

Why you might try Twitter

With the name fresh in your ears, you may now be scoffing at what you think to be one of the new internet fads of the last years. Twitter tends to get a rap as just another social network, maybe even without much of a point. However, Twitter is probably a bit different than what […]