The WWW myth

WWW is a relic of the past. Once, it was useful. Now, it’s largely redundant1.

For most sites, you can just leave out the www and it will redirect to or just Twitter, for example, redirects to no www.

screencap of Google Chrome at

Some sites will just accept either (which is a bad idea, actually). A number of really dumb sites will not work without www. Shameful.

And there’s no need to tack on www in front of a subdomain. www.uncoolbeans.deviantart.com2. Those are bad. The www there adds extra length, looks ugly and is quite certainly unneeded.

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This is the third (second here) in a series of tech posts directed at laymen, non-geeks, etc. Basically a lot of my friends and family.

  1. There is actually still one solid reason for using www: cookieless subdomains for serving static resources
  2. The sites that even work with it should, in my opinion,  just redirect, not leave the www on there, by the way. Unfortunately, some leave it, it seems.
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