Sleeping Dogs Lie

No-no-no no, don’t tell me. They did it again? Oh, hi everyone. Get a load of this, and I don’t quote, “tests warned us of the BP explosion in the gulf before it happened.” That’s the gist of it anyways. Come on, let it go, you losers! Why are we still talking about this. No, I refuse. I’m changing the subject right now.

Stupid journalist peanuts.

Ah, here’s something. I see our President has “historically” went on the “Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Comedy Central? That has jokes upon jokes upon jokes built into merely the fact he went, let alone what was actually said. This sounds too juicy to pass up.

Wow, that was… revolting. How did allow him up there? It’s like watching George Washington high kick in a mistress camp.

Okay, so we have our Commander in Chief, our leader, our Mr. President, get laughed at and ridiculed on stage as he tries to talk politics for the first half. The second half of it is just applauding his brilliance as I stopped laughing and as the comedy stopped pumping. How am I supposed to enjoy comedy in respectful subjects and respect a man while I laugh at him? This was wrong and amusing on so many levels that it registered in my brain as a nightmare after eating a three day old burrito, re-re-re fried. Oh, my stomach virus. It hurts so bad.

The only reason I can think they allowed this is because they thought it would get a few laughs. It did, but they were painful. I mean, hey, I laugh when a retarded kid slips and falls from an ice-slick too, but I also feel like I should go to hell afterward. I don’t want to laugh at our President, I want him to be respectable. I want our President to do what he is meant to do, to fulfill his role as our leader. Yes, he can let loose sometimes, but not become the object of ridicule. This bothers me to no end, so I better make an ending up.

Funny how I had to dig that up when the biggest thing on the news was the oil spill. It’s almost as if they used it for a smoke screen to perk our interests. Hmm.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say. Don’t talk to me about oil, I don’t care. Eat it and like it.

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