Monthly Archives: November 2010

Politics: the Epic Tragic Comedy

So, I was minding my own business, eatin’ some soup… cream tomato soup… my mouth, it waters. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes a little news story from AP. Should I attempt a quote? I don’t think so. Basically—no, literally—our Mr. President has decided that, because we are doing bad economically, they […]

How Far Away Is That Galaxy?

Most of my literary science fiction experience has been in the realm of Star Wars novels I am sorry to say. This hasn’t done anything for my copiousness. But it made me aware of a pet peeve I have regarding science fiction. It always annoyed me, when I delved into the Star Wars universe, that […]

Meet the Experts: We Know What’s Best for You

I’ve been browsing around online, like I always do, and I decided to click “the experts” button. It was all about money, and how you should use it. That doesn’t surprise me, but it got me wondering, is that all experts are good for? Are they even good for that? If I know one thing […]

So why not let’s forgive everyone?

I once corresponded online with a Christian friend who felt he had no obligation to forgive an unbeliever who had been trash-talking him in an online discussion—a religion debate thread, no less—on a forum we both frequent. Some atheists in the debate had a tendency to defamatory slurs on Christianity in lieu of real arguments, […]