Nationalism vs. Patriotism

Hello, I’m Caleb Bob, and this is Broken Mold News. In today’s story we take you to engineer researchers in MIT to explain just how a cat… drinks milk. (True story.)

And now on to the actual issue. I am assuming you are an American if you are reading this. I will also assume you have some Christian values at least since you are reading this blog. Let me cut to the chase. Americans as a whole are proud to be an American. Even you will admit to this, whoever you are. My question is not if you should be or not, but how prideful you should be or not. Yes, I am an American. I like the fact I live here. Good people. Good food. But where is the line drawn between Nationalism (Nazi) and Patriotism (you like George Washington). Let’s find out.

Okay, so we can agree that if you believe your norms are perfect and without flaw, you are a nationalist, right? But is that all there is to it? As long as you think you have problems, are we safe from the label of the swastika? I don’t thinks so, and neither do you. Is it about race, then? Well, then all we have to do is like black people! Problem solved. What? No? Well, what else can Nationalism mean?

I bring out my Romanian alter ego to the stand. Ahem. (Que “Godfather” music.) In my homeland, we have a proverb, “If my goat dies, so does my neighbor’s.” It means, in basics, that it does not matter if I have problems, or if I am a jerk, or if I am falling apart. As long as everyone else is worse off than I am, I feel better about myself.

So, if you (I) say is true, Nationalism is all about my nation being better than all the other backward, third-world countries.

That’s right.

Uh oh, we have a problem then. We are the greatest country in the world. We know more about God, being founded in Christianity, we have more money, we have more freedom… I mean we got it all! That’s why everyone comes here.


Yeah, that’s right. So what’s Patriotism, if not national pride, smarty britches?

I am proud to be a Romanian, but that has nothing to do with Romania’s standing. It only means I love my neighbors, and will do everything in my power raise them up, and not tear them down. To go to another country and brag about how you are not starving to the hungry… that is not Patriotism. To say you have a better understanding of Theology to another Repenter across the sea, that is not Patriotism. Sometimes admitting you were in the wrong, learning from other cultures to raise yours up is Patriotism. All Nationalism does is tear down, a patriot raises up, in love and Christian Brotherhood. For we are all brothers in the faith, and comrades in the Kingdom of Heaven.

You (I) know something? You’re (I’m) right. I never thought of it that way before.

That’s because you (I) are a stupid American.

That hurt.

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