Requiem of Franklin

Hello, sports fans, today I set aside my rage against the world in order to bring a death to attention. Ben Franklin, inventor of electricity, died in April 17, 1790. We will miss him very much. To honor this man, AP told me that the $100 dollar bill will not be printed any more, for a limited time only. They may say it is because the printer broke, but we all know it is because of the untimely demise of such a great man. Because there is no way that the Fed. would not have precautionary measures for such things as printing problems to stop money production. I’m sure that it is only because it is the Christ Mass season and they are givers out of the kindness of their hearts. Oh, they’re not giving. Never mind then…

Anyways… not to change subjects, but I want to change subjects. Looks like Palin is babysitting the “Kate plus 8” kids on a camping trip. Turns out her daughters get along with them really well. Wow, that was boring. I should stick to money.

Okay, so you know how Europe is swimming in a keg of fetid sweat, right? Greece was hit, then some western place had to be bailed out… I forgot the place, but England rules them. And we’re doing less and less economically stable, so… when will it end? I don’t mean the Apocalips… Apocolips… Alpachalypes? However you spell that. I mean this, when is the debt going to get so bad for everyone that we all start passing around an imaginary check and call all even? Unless China is not in debt, then they just rule the world in return for all the debts being canceled. That would be fun for thirty seconds. Why am I bringing this up, you ask? Well, I figure the Chinese will not like stupid TV shows and celebrity guest stars that I get bored with so much. I’m hoping once they get in power, I’ll never have to hear of them again. Also, I doubt the Chinese will have production problems like money and stuff. They always find a way to make a product that is cheap and never ending. I hope they will let us keep the dollar, but hey, if not, I won’t miss old Ben too much.

This is all assuming, of course, that we don’t know what we are doing economically and  that we don’t have a back up plan. I am sure we have precautions for such things as important as selling ourselves to Communist governments. Pretty sure, anyways. A little sure. I hope we do.

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