‘Tis the Season to be Grinchy

So here I am, Mr. Nice-to-All, (you know I am) sipping on hot cocoa and vodka, getting in the Christ Mass spirit, and I decided to check the news. Why? I’m a glutton for ruined spirits. So here’s the scoop, New York decided to be mean to the neighborhood, or one such person in one neighborhood. A family who puts a ton of decorations and lights for the past twelve years have received a court order for this year’s display. Why? Obscenities? No, they are too bright. Truth be told, they are a little on the bright side. But why this year and not the others? I don’t know, maybe they haters.

It doesn’t end there. These people put up a charity every year, getting people’s attention with the decorations. This year is some little girl who is a cancer patient. Talk about harsh. But, really, is any of this relevant? Shouldn’t the neighbor (singular) have the right to fine people for keeping them up at night because their shades are nothing compared to the shining brilliance of the charitable display?

Well, let’s think about it for a sec. What should a neighbor do? A) Oh, you are raising a charity with a great light show for a girl who has cancer? I’m your neighbor, so I’m going to give twice as much as any one person! It is the celebration of the birth of Christ our Lord, the greatest giver of the universe. B) Here’s a quarter. It’s the least I can do. C) The light’s keep me up at night, so YOU are not loving your neighbor. I’ve put up with this every year for twelve years and I’ve hated you all this time. I’m calling the cops.

A), B), or C). Pick your own adventure! Someone picked C)! Let’s see, coal is too good for you. How about a fireworks display in your bedroom? That would be just. I, however, am not the administer of justice. I just make suggestions.

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