The world belongs to Christ. But it sure denies it like hell. It seems like the devil’s world sometimes. There’s truth to Satan being the prince of the power of the air.

It’s really a world all about redemption. This old world is trapped in sin, it’s fatally flawed, and it’s going to be destroyed and rebuilt a final time.

And Christ is in charge now. We are his followers, and as he is about redemption, so are we. We are soliders and we have a mission: live to his glory as he sits with his enemies as his footstool.

This is one blog working on that. With time and technology, it has only become easier to see a world in defiance of Christ. It’s not a pretty time. We are a few of many who seem to be the few. It’s not a Christian time. We defy that. We live in Christ.

We happen to like to write. So we do about a lot of things: theology, stupid politics, homework, technology, personal reflections, products, philosophies, companies, and men we love. Some things we understand, some we don’t. Such is this life.

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