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Music, photography, writing, etc. Art is very big.

Arts and Crafts

Yes, I am writing this post mostly targeted towards women on a blog probably mostly read by men. But, being female myself, it is something that I am far more familiar with than knives or computers. I am, however, by no means proficient in this area myself…in fact I’ll come right out and say that […]

How Far Away Is That Galaxy?

Most of my literary science fiction experience has been in the realm of Star Wars novels I am sorry to say. This hasn’t done anything for my copiousness. But it made me aware of a pet peeve I have regarding science fiction. It always annoyed me, when I delved into the Star Wars universe, that […]

The Social Network sampler

Yesterday, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross released a free five track sampler for their score to The Social Network, a movie set for release next month. It’s about the beginnings of Facebook, so the actual movie might be kind of interesting. The soundtrack is pretty much guaranteed to be brilliant, though. Atticus and Trent have a history […]

Thoughts on death

On a couple occasions during the last school year, Caleb, fellow classmate Chris and I have discussed the subject of death, and specifically the Christian attitude towards death. More recently, Caleb made this post on the matter. He argues that we should be able to laugh at death and irony, that we should not fear […]