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NASA Finds Life on Earth: Really?

Okay, okay, so it is a little more than that. These little bacteria are not carbon based, but arsenic based. That’s cool on many levels. But what I want to know is this: can they do the mamba? No? Boring. This seems like a big hullabaloo, but it really doesn’t mean that much to me. […]


I think I may try some commentary link posts, à la Daring Fireball. We’ll see how it turns out.

Can I Laugh at a Dead Man, Part 2

It has recently been asked for a discussion on suicide to be taken place on the blog. How morbid can you get? Fortunately, I am morbid, so here we go! How serious is suicide as far as Christians are concerned? I do not believe it can make you lose salvation, because I believe, like all […]

Demoing Twenty Ten

Right now we’re demoing the new WordPress theme that comes bundled with 3.0, Twenty Ten. Seems pretty sweet and polished. The header image is a crop of one of my photographs. Right now it’s sort of hacked in, as the header image replacement doesn’t appear to be working with the theme; I suspect it has […]