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I think I may try some commentary link posts, à la Daring Fireball. We’ll see how it turns out.

Demoing Twenty Ten

Right now we’re demoing the new WordPress theme that comes bundled with 3.0, Twenty Ten. Seems pretty sweet and polished. The header image is a crop of one of my photographs. Right now it’s sort of hacked in, as the header image replacement doesn’t appear to be working with the theme; I suspect it has […]

All our tags

For a while now we’ve had a page with our tag cloud on it since we’ve removed it from the sidebar. It sure can be interesting but it’s not all that useful on the sidebar. Supposedly this page listed all our tags, but when I was editing a tag recently, I noticed we had a […]

Welcome aboard Anna and Caleb

I am pleased to announce that Anna Hurley and Caleb Blume have passed the one and a half month mark at abm and are now here (more) officially (in some way or manner). Congrats. I suppose I should also be announcing this somewhat sheepishly since I forgot about it and realized it today, a few […]