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So why not let’s forgive everyone?

I once corresponded online with a Christian friend who felt he had no obligation to forgive an unbeliever who had been trash-talking him in an online discussion—a religion debate thread, no less—on a forum we both frequent. Some atheists in the debate had a tendency to defamatory slurs on Christianity in lieu of real arguments, […]

He’ll make right what man made wrong

For Christmas, I thought I’d post the lyrics to “a Stick, a Carrot & String,” a profound and poetic Christmas song by mewithoutYou. Incidentally, I seem to have had the same post idea as this guy. Merry Christmas! The Horse’s hay beneath His head our Lord was born to a manger bed, that all whose wells run dry […]

A terrible crash and a joyous boom

I wanted to showcase a contrast that came to me during today’s Christmas service at Christ Covenant Church. Pastor Tollefson described Christ’s birth as a great boom (including the angel choirs, of course) that put a fear in Satan and a battle in his future. This great boom in turn reminded me of the mewithoutYou […]