I am a Christian. Which is to say, I hold Christ to be the last Adam, the Passover Lamb, the summation of the Covenants. My identity is found in his death, burial and resurrection.

I am characterized by a fascination with computer technology; actually, with any technology. Computer science, electrical engineering, radio technology, and theoretical mathematics, just to name a few. Like Nathaniel, I like web coding, although I haven’t done much with it. While harboring a fondness for Windows hacking and DOS games, I use Linux for pretty much everything.

I’m what you might call a chronic amateur. I love authors like Brian Jacques and Louis L’Amour because of their dust jacket blurbs. I want to be a logger, sailor, cowboy, adventurer, soldier, poet, author, photographer, mathematician, and computer geek.

I play violin reasonably well, and enjoy fiddle music and contra dances. I play around on harmonica, Jew’s harp, and mandolin.

I like food, books by G.K. Chesterton, cold mountain streams, and fellowship on the Sabbath.


In our darkness a light shines, and all I ever want to say for the rest of my life is how that light is God. – mewithoutYou