I am a Christian. Some people call me Nat. Life is a mystery and a paradox but it’s not completely meaningless because God is writing the story and he doesn’t make mistakes. I half heartedly try to figure things out.

I’m rather interested in personal computers, more on the software side, though. I find making web stuff rather fun even though I’m a coding noob. I like Linux but am rather stuck in Windows at the moment. I like to blog. I like photography a lot, but I rarely take pictures anymore. The best of those I do take often end up on Flickr.

I have been raised in a Christian home, homeschooled, and attended the private classical school Providence Academy since 5th grade, which, if I may say so, has given me a pretty good education over all. I graduated this year and don’t have plans for college right now. In fact, I’m somewhat suspicious of higher education. Though, I have to say NSA is pretty rad, if scarily hardcore.

I’m not in love. I look forward to it, though. I would like to cultivate some very good friendships.

I like random stuff, companies that aren’t evil, and using punctuation for exact meaning.

I don’t like plain oatmeal for breakfast, 90s styles, MySpace, dial-up internet connections, false love, and the inane-ness of life when you don’t look at it right.

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Last substantial update: November 13, 2010.