Demoing Twenty Ten

Right now we’re demoing the new WordPress theme that comes bundled with 3.0, Twenty Ten. Seems pretty sweet and polished.

The header image is a crop of one of my photographs. Right now it’s sort of hacked in, as the header image replacement doesn’t appear to be working with the theme; I suspect it has to do with the file permissions we have.

I guess we’ll be back to our regular look after a while. I think…

Update: Demo aborted for now. It appears to not play nice with FD Footnotes. I may try to track down the problem, as Twenty Ten is pretty cool.

Update 2: Turns out it was a conflict with Google Analytics for WordPress, which I installed today. Tracking of outbound clicks and downloads has been turned off, that fixed the problem. We may need to do some investigation into a replacement or just using the regular GA code since tracking outbound clicks is a nice capability.

So… we’re now demoing Twenty Ten again.

Hope you liked it. If so, maybe share it, comment, or link. Many thanks.

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