I know, I know, it hasn’t been that long ago since I wrote anything, but this is different. North Korea bombed South Korea, one of their islands anyway. Two marines died, and many wounded… including civilians. Few people may know this, but North and South Korea have only had a truce, and technically, they are still at war. Of course, North Korea claims that South Korea fired into their waters first, and that bombing soldiers and civilians was purely in self defense. Did I use bold on the “and?” I’m sorry, I meant to do it on civilians. There we go, much better.

Australia pledged support to South Korea, and America said it would stand by its allies. Good, they should. But what is this starting to look like? I’m no end time theorist, or prophet of doom, but hey, WWIII is still possible. Especially if N. Korea gets help from China. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Everyone screaming to get out of war, and now this? It wouldn’t be good, mind you, but it would be ironic. I’d laugh.

But what is this? China is asking for peace? Hmm, that was unexpected. Russia is telling everyone to not fight either. I guess no one but N. Korea wants a fight. If everyone but one country wants to kill people, that may bring WWIII to a very lopsided fight. That would be good. Quick and easy. This could be the most entertaining, easiest WW we’ve ever had. Can I hear big “oops” from my communist hommies? … Homeys? Homeies? How do you spell that? Oh well.

But let’s say China backs his ally up, and Russia says they like China. That could be bad. N. Korea will still say oops, but from an entirely different angle. WWIII is not a good blight on anyone’s record, winner or loser. After all, many blame the allies for WWII. “Peace in our time,” and all that.

So, what can we learn from WWII? Preemptive strikes. I’m just saying… They might as well say “oops” sooner than later…

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m not saying we bomb civilians too. I’m just saying we help our ally have its aggressor change its politics. Preferably with assassins. That would make for a cool video game thirty years from now. Or N. Korea could surrender now and save us the trouble. That would be best.

So, until WWIV, see ya in the bunkers.

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