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“… But Fear Itself” or “How Hollywood Taught Me Apathy”

Yahoo! Oops, I think I broke a copyright law. Um… let’s start over. Yippee! Ah, what a day. Few have ever heard of it, fewer still ever had the desire to see it. Virtually no one has actually had the guts to, and only sixteen people in existence have ever admitted to seeing it. I […]

Thank You for Not Smoking

I think we can all remember back to the day where those cheesy commercials would come out with some famous cartoon character asking kids not to smoke. “Don’t Smoke” had been the mantra to our children since my grandfather’s time. I think it’s making a comeback, and I have evidence. Exhibit A: Our president has […]

Requiem of Franklin

Hello, sports fans, today I set aside my rage against the world in order to bring a death to attention. Ben Franklin, inventor of electricity, died in April 17, 1790. We will miss him very much. To honor this man, AP told me that the $100 dollar bill will not be printed any more, for […]

Politics: the Epic Tragic Comedy

So, I was minding my own business, eatin’ some soup… cream tomato soup… my mouth, it waters. When all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes a little news story from AP. Should I attempt a quote? I don’t think so. Basically—no, literally—our Mr. President has decided that, because we are doing bad economically, they […]