my audience

So, if I write a bazillion good posts but nobody ever sees them, I’ve certainly wasted something, right? Maybe it did have it’s purposes, but I’ve realized that I really need to think about audience1.

Who is my audience right now? My friends and family.
How will that audience change? Word of mouth.
Why will people talk? Because I’m writing good things for my audience (or will).

Sure, it’s not bad to write about stuff because you like it and nobody cares. It just doesn’t do that much (except maybe make you happy). I personally would like to have some other people reading what I write and caring about it.

So I must write for the audience I have. That’s the only way to change and grow our audience it seems to me.

  1. It should be noted I learned about this whole audience thing in Rhetoric class with Mr. Tollefson; we went through Aristotle’s Rhetoric and that’s something he talks about. So, at least if I want to be persuasive, I should consider audience. I think its also very much an element of other types of writing, though.
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