No Power Since 2002… B.C.

Good morning, my friends! And if you are not my friend, don’t tell me, I like a false sense of security. Today, we head to the middle east, but not about the war. This is serious! In Afghanistan, after years of rebuilding, many still do not have electricity! We know this, because the news tells us… and they probably lost power in the stone age. I know that the media would love to blame that on the war and all, but facts are facts, the middle east has never had much power. Trust me on this. In fact, war has been going on over there since the stone age as well. Ah, bring me back to the good old days when Muslims killed Islamies instead of teaming up on Europe. But never mind about that, let’s get back to sappy journalism. Why on earth are we “rebuilding” when the war is still destroying? On top of that, why are we “Rebuilding” things that never were built in the first place? Police: “Hello, we’re sorry your car was destroyed smashing into that man, but we’re going to put it back together again and give you a sixteen story mansion to boot.” Serial killer: “Thank you officer, I assure you this will happen again.” Does this make any sense? But now this has turned from a history lesson to a rant, so I suppose I should get back on track. What are the journalists thinking when they cry over spilled milk from when Rock and Roll was a kids game? “Oh, they don’t have power! Oh, they are so hurt by the war! Oh, dear, we have to build them condos!” It makes me sick, really. Not that they live well, because they don’t. All I’m say is this joke which is particularly funny. So a blind guy decides to drive a car, but, of course, gets into a wreck. Now, he thinks he’s going to be in big trouble, but the doctor comes in and sounds downcast. “What is it, what’s wrong?” They blind man was worried. “I’m sorry,” the doctor says, and the blind man’s heart sinks, until he hears, “But you have lost your sight.” The blind man plays it cool, “Oh, good Lord!” So, they let him go with a rental car and a huge insurance check. Point made.

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