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“… But Fear Itself” or “How Hollywood Taught Me Apathy”

Yahoo! Oops, I think I broke a copyright law. Um… let’s start over. Yippee! Ah, what a day. Few have ever heard of it, fewer still ever had the desire to see it. Virtually no one has actually had the guts to, and only sixteen people in existence have ever admitted to seeing it. I […]

Thank You for Not Smoking

I think we can all remember back to the day where those cheesy commercials would come out with some famous cartoon character asking kids not to smoke. “Don’t Smoke” had been the mantra to our children since my grandfather’s time. I think it’s making a comeback, and I have evidence. Exhibit A: Our president has […]

NASA Finds Life on Earth: Really?

Okay, okay, so it is a little more than that. These little bacteria are not carbon based, but arsenic based. That’s cool on many levels. But what I want to know is this: can they do the mamba? No? Boring. This seems like a big hullabaloo, but it really doesn’t mean that much to me. […]

‘Tis the Season to be Grinchy

So here I am, Mr. Nice-to-All, (you know I am) sipping on hot cocoa and vodka, getting in the Christ Mass spirit, and I decided to check the news. Why? I’m a glutton for ruined spirits. So here’s the scoop, New York decided to be mean to the neighborhood, or one such person in one […]