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Rachel is a student of New Saint Andrews College in Moscow Idaho. She enjoys all things having to do with literature and chocolate=).

Multiflavored enjoyment.

Have you ever noticed the multitudinous types of pleasure God has given us? There’s that full, down to your toes satisfaction that comes from a mouthful of Swedish chocolate made from 70% cocoa. It comes when the choir’s bass section in such good form you can almost see their voices in the room. It comes […]

How Far Away Is That Galaxy?

Most of my literary science fiction experience has been in the realm of Star Wars novels I am sorry to say. This hasn’t done anything for my copiousness. But it made me aware of a pet peeve I have regarding science fiction. It always annoyed me, when I delved into the Star Wars universe, that […]

There are Some Words You Don’t Want to Eat.

I recently watched the movie “Snatch”; a movie about a diamond heist, illegal boxing and British gypsies. If that sounds confusing, it was. But what was even more confusing was the movie’s rating. Though this movie was violent, it was not so much so as to warrant the R rating it received, it was the […]