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Academic chastening

From Wednesday night to Friday afternoon a couple weeks ago, I worked almost exclusively on a paper proposal (abstract) for my History Colloquium class. It was the sort where you have to have your topic, sources, thesis and supporting argumentation—your paper in all but implementation—already decided and articulated in your abstract. I hadn’t done any […]

Lyric poem on sleep

This is a declamation I wrote for Rhetoric class. The assignment was to write a lyric poem. I wrote mine on sleep, basing it on my extensive personal experience. Without further ado, then: Sleep is Enigmatic Sleep, you are cold-blooded, merciless, an executioner. You softly slit my throat from ear to ear into a smile […]

Check up

I have a few things to say. First, I’m a little bit busy. I still don’t consider myself busy by the standards of some of my friends (I have hours and hours of free time, for reals), but it has picked up this year, I think. Second, I started off this year trying to consistently […]