Monthly Archives: December 2009

How to install mscorefonts in Ubuntu 9.10

It seems from what I’ve read around the interwebs, the package name might have changed. Also, in my fresh installation from the LiveCD, the Microsoft Core Fonts listed in the Ubuntu Software Center doesn’t have an install button. Fear not, though. Open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal). Type this and press enter: sudo […]

Dream DNS scare

This morning I dreamed that Archie Buck1 had reported on Facebook that his internet service provider‘s DNS went down (I checked Facebook before I wrote this post: it didn’t really happen). Yikes. Because that’s my ISP now, too. So, if your less of a computer person, you’re probably wondering what exactly DNS is. It stands […]

He’ll make right what man made wrong

For Christmas, I thought I’d post the lyrics to “a Stick, a Carrot & String,” a profound and poetic Christmas song by mewithoutYou. Incidentally, I seem to have had the same post idea as this guy. Merry Christmas! The Horse’s hay beneath His head our Lord was born to a manger bed, that all whose wells run dry […]

CRKT Drifter knife review

So I recently purchased a new knife, having unfortunately lost my previous one out raking leaves on the same day, ironically, that I lost my wallet, keys, and cell phone… but that’s another story. My last knife was a CRKT M16-13Z, which was a pretty decent knife. You can find a good review of it […]