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The myth of relevance

How can I appeal to my audience? How can I attract readers? When you’re writing a blog, or really anything for publication, it’s tempting to focus on drawing readers in. Tagging posts strategically, trying to be important and relevant, appearing seeker-friendly. I am guilty of this. When I post a YouTube video, I try to […]

A few Windows hacks

Useful Tips Change XP Start Menu Text Follow these steps to change your start menu text from the default ‘start’ to whatsoever you may desire. First you’ll need to download and run Resource Hacker. 1. Within Resource Hacker, navigate to C:\Windows\explorer.exe and open it. 2. Expand the String Table folder and you should see a […]

How to install mscorefonts in Ubuntu 9.10

It seems from what I’ve read around the interwebs, the package name might have changed. Also, in my fresh installation from the LiveCD, the Microsoft Core Fonts listed in the Ubuntu Software Center doesn’t have an install button. Fear not, though. Open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal). Type this and press enter: sudo […]