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The myth of relevance

How can I appeal to my audience? How can I attract readers? When you’re writing a blog, or really anything for publication, it’s tempting to focus on drawing readers in. Tagging posts strategically, trying to be important and relevant, appearing seeker-friendly. I am guilty of this. When I post a YouTube video, I try to […]

Welcome aboard Anna and Caleb

I am pleased to announce that Anna Hurley and Caleb Blume have passed the one and a half month mark at abm and are now here (more) officially (in some way or manner). Congrats. I suppose I should also be announcing this somewhat sheepishly since I forgot about it and realized it today, a few […]

Looking for more writers

We are looking for a few more writers to join us. One or two right now would be great. Our goal is to pick up the publication pace a bit—hopefully eventually up to at least one post a week (more would be cool, too). I think taking on a couple more writers would ease this […]