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The myth of relevance

How can I appeal to my audience? How can I attract readers? When you’re writing a blog, or really anything for publication, it’s tempting to focus on drawing readers in. Tagging posts strategically, trying to be important and relevant, appearing seeker-friendly. I am guilty of this. When I post a YouTube video, I try to […]

More on speaking the truth, questions

This discussion is provoked by and expands a little on what Nathaniel wrote in the last post. He related how we often respond, “Fine,” in answer to “How are you doing?” and how we tend in this way to hide behind a mask and fail to cultivate the sort of beneficial relationship and care for […]

small technical behind the scenes of Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes posted about a job listing on their blog a couple weeks back and linked to a jobs.stackoverflow.com listing. It has since disappeared (somebody got the job?), but I managed to snag it from Google’s cache. Here it lies. And here is an excerpt that I rather thought cuts to the technical juice. At […]