Monthly Archives: April 2010

Do it or schedule it

This is a productivity tip. When you want to get something done (even if you don’t actually want to do whatever it is), either do it or schedule a time to do it. If what you want to get done comes to mind, nail it on the spot. If you can’t do it then or […]

Why I write a blog

Update: Just wanted to say, these aren’t like the tenets of blogging I live by or something like that, they’re just what I could think of upon sitting down to think about it. I write because I have things to say. Probably I think these things are not immediately obvious or thought about by everyone. […]

Welcome aboard Anna and Caleb

I am pleased to announce that Anna Hurley and Caleb Blume have passed the one and a half month mark at abm and are now here (more) officially (in some way or manner). Congrats. I suppose I should also be announcing this somewhat sheepishly since I forgot about it and realized it today, a few […]

A post every two weeks (or more)

Today I am starting a project. It is simply writing at least one post every two weeks. Forcing myself to write. I plan to keep it up at least until I graduate (June 5th). As per Merlin Mann’s description of a good blog, I think the posts will mostly be about technology and spiritual/life issues, […]