Monthly Archives: June 2010

Can I Laugh at a Dead Man, Part 2

It has recently been asked for a discussion on suicide to be taken place on the blog. How morbid can you get? Fortunately, I am morbid, so here we go! How serious is suicide as far as Christians are concerned? I do not believe it can make you lose salvation, because I believe, like all […]

Demoing Twenty Ten

Right now we’re demoing the new WordPress theme that comes bundled with 3.0, Twenty Ten. Seems pretty sweet and polished. The header image is a crop of one of my photographs. Right now it’s sort of hacked in, as the header image replacement doesn’t appear to be working with the theme; I suspect it has […]

Oil and Hurricanes: A Natural Substitute for Fire Works

Let me begin with as little ceremony as I possibly can, since I’ve been gone out of the blogsphere so long. Everyone knows about the Great Oil Spill of BP and how it is killing birds and ruining vacations. (Except ours, because it is far enough east that we can avoid it.) I mean, take […]

Thoughts on death

On a couple occasions during the last school year, Caleb, fellow classmate Chris and I have discussed the subject of death, and specifically the Christian attitude towards death. More recently, Caleb made this post on the matter. He argues that we should be able to laugh at death and irony, that we should not fear […]