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Hating the collective

There’s a cool (or red-hot, depending on your view) anti-establishment attitude afoot. A well-deserved one, I should say, yet it has a problem. It’s wrong to hate people, even in groups. We should reserve our hate for sin and forgive people instead. Groups are, of course, made up of human beings. People are the same […]

20 Things I Learned

The Google Chrome Team wrote a small book about browsers and the web. It’s a basic introduction to browsers and the modern web, well written and easily readable. It’s also designed and published using HTML5, no Flash needed. Thus, you should grab a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox and then enjoy the book in […]

Enjoy web reading with Readability

Though you may not know it, there’s a lot of stuff worth reading on the web.1 Unfortunately, unlike books or magazines, it can be kind of hard to read. Take this screencap of an article on The Weekly Standard. All those flashy colors on the sidebar make it hard to concentrate, especially since your eyes hit […]

The distrust and disinformation of email

OpenCongress published a blog post yesterday reporting that the two most viewed bills right now are “outlandish, non-viable proposals that have no support and no chance of being taken seriously by congressional leaders, ever.” A lot of traffic is arriving at these bills via searches. These bills top the list because of chain emails. The […]