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So why not let’s forgive everyone?

I once corresponded online with a Christian friend who felt he had no obligation to forgive an unbeliever who had been trash-talking him in an online discussion—a religion debate thread, no less—on a forum we both frequent. Some atheists in the debate had a tendency to defamatory slurs on Christianity in lieu of real arguments, […]

The WWW myth

WWW is a relic of the past. Once, it was useful. Now, it’s largely redundant1. For most sites, you can just leave out the www and it will redirect to www.example.com or just example.com. Twitter, for example, redirects to no www. Some sites will just accept either (which is a bad idea, actually). A number […]

Why you might try Twitter

With the name fresh in your ears, you may now be scoffing at what you think to be one of the new internet fads of the last years. Twitter tends to get a rap as just another social network, maybe even without much of a point. However, Twitter is probably a bit different than what […]

You’ve got wireless?

A basic outline of what wireless means in relation to an internet connection. It could really refer to one of three things: Mobile broadband – broadband service delivered over a cellular network Service from a WISP (wireless internet service provider) – the ISP delivers internet usually via some line of sight wireless technology. Somewhat more common […]