Monthly Archives: March 2010

There are Some Words You Don’t Want to Eat.

I recently watched the movie “Snatch”; a movie about a diamond heist, illegal boxing and British gypsies. If that sounds confusing, it was. But what was even more confusing was the movie’s rating. Though this movie was violent, it was not so much so as to warrant the R rating it received, it was the […]

Can I Laugh at a Dead Man?

What is it with you Americans and being afraid of death?

The other side of the continent.

What will the news not publish?

Spare the sites you love, adblock everything else

I love Adblock Plus. Nearly everywhere I go on the web is stripped of mildly distracting to suicidally obnoxious advertisements because of this fabulous Firefox add-on. The downside? Ars Technica hit on it in a recent article1: you (all those adblocking types out there) and I are harming the sites we love. There is an […]