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Hating the collective

There’s a cool (or red-hot, depending on your view) anti-establishment attitude afoot. A well-deserved one, I should say, yet it has a problem. It’s wrong to hate people, even in groups. We should reserve our hate for sin and forgive people instead. Groups are, of course, made up of human beings. People are the same […]

So why not let’s forgive everyone?

I once corresponded online with a Christian friend who felt he had no obligation to forgive an unbeliever who had been trash-talking him in an online discussion—a religion debate thread, no less—on a forum we both frequent. Some atheists in the debate had a tendency to defamatory slurs on Christianity in lieu of real arguments, […]

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

Hello, I’m Caleb Bob, and this is Broken Mold News. In today’s story we take you to engineer researchers in MIT to explain just how a cat… drinks milk. (True story.) And now on to the actual issue. I am assuming you are an American if you are reading this. I will also assume you […]

The American Cold War

That’s what I like to call our current political spat. It is not fought with guns, but propaganda and politics, two words that only act like synonyms. Yes we have made a great victory, but not because of the reason you might think. No, it’s not because the Democrats are now terrified of the Reps, […]